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Novartis' Percorten Brochure (product monograph)
Lots of good information here!
Posted with permission from Novartis.

Percorten Clinical Field Trials
Provided by Novartis - anyone questioning the safety of using DOCP should read this.

The Fascinating Story of Percorten
Provided by Novartis - gives an overview on how DOCP came about.
Percorten Insert (accompanying DOCP Product Insert for above in word format)

Novartis' FAQ about switching from DOCP to florinef.

Novartis Canada
DOCP / Percorten - V information
Description, dosage, side effects of DOCP

Novartis Canada: Research - Information Bulletin # 4
Discusses the difference between primary and secondary Addison's, as well as a study on the safety of using DOCP

US Food and Drug Administration
The effectiveness of DOCP, includes results of clinical studies

DVM Newsmagazine - August 1998
"FDA approves medication for Addison's Disease"

Canine Hypoadrenocorticism: Diagnosis and Treatment of an Emerging Disease
An interesting Novartis site

DOCP comparison chart
Based on weight, includes glucocorticoids used, and side effects of DOCP

DOCP Dosage Calculator
Automatically determines dosage of DOCP by weight. This wonderful tool was created by B. Palsa and S. Long and is to be used for information purposes only.

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