Canine Addison's Disease FAQ

Q. Do I need to know anything about Carafate?

A. If you're giving Carafate - you shouldn't give any other meds (or food) for at least one hour before, or two hours afterwards.

Carafate coats the stomach so well, that nothing else can be absorbed. When Catherine was admitted to the E.R. with upper G.I. bleeding, she was prescribed Carafate 3x a day and Pepcid AC once a day (her vet said dogs don't process the Pepcid the same way as people, so giving all of it at once works the same as humans taking it in increments). Very interesting challenge - scheduling the meds, the food, etc. during the period we were dosing her with Carafate. It's a really good thing she was on Percorten-V...fitting Florinef in between would have made it really fun!

(courtesy Bobbie Marie)

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