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Name: ~Donny~

Breed: Beagle

Sex: Male

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 6 1/2 years old

Comments: Donny is one of the sweetest, most gentle dogs I've ever known. I'm glad he's feeling better and is getting back to his "old self." I'm also grateful to everyone on the list for all of their information and support.

Name: ~Kaylee~

Breed: Basset Hound

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 2 years old

Comments: Kaylee's owners turned her over to rescue because of the cost of her treatment. She is a sweet little girl who acts like a normal basset. Her foster parents fell in love with her and she now has a permanent home with them!

Spanky Wayne Baker
Name: ~Spanky Wayne Baker~

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Sex: Male

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 1 1/2 years old

Comments: Spanky had been in our family since he was 8 days old and a bottle fed baby. He is a happy lil guy and enjoys learning new things.He started obedience classes at 9 weeks old and went thru all possible classes as required , he also has his C.G.C. Award. He has now been attending agility classes since June of 1999. Spanky has a lot of friends and continues to make friends where ever he goes. He is our special lil angel...

Name: ~Amber~

Breed: Miniature Poodle

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 6 years old

Comments: Amber is the sweetest dog in the world. She follows me all around the house. She likes everyone and loves to give kisses. She has had a rough time since she became ill on 12/28/99. At that time she shook severely and could hardly stand or keep her eyes open. After her diagnosis of Addison's on 12/31/99 she slowly improved with medication, although she still struggles to stay well, having good days and bad days. She is a wonderful, special dog. I love her and she is my best friend.

Name: ~Schultzy~

Breed: Standard Schnauzer

Sex: Male

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 4 years, 9 months old

Comments: I'm Schultzy, the one in the front, and that's my sister Strudel. I couldn't send my photo without her because we go everywhere together. I'm 2 weeks older than she is, but she tries to boss me around. She's been good moral support for all our family during this AD diagnosis. I feel 100% better since theydiagnosed my disease and put me on meds. I'm a frisky boy again and the apple of my Mom and Dad's eyes; Strudel's the peach. So glad we met all of you.

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