Name: ~Sophie~

Breed: Standard Poodle

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 2 years old

Comments: I'm Sophie and I'm finally feeling great with the help of my compounded florinef, hydro & supplements. I was born on Feb 7th '97, and as of this writing I've had Addison's for one whole year now! I love playing with my dog friends, and when they're too busy, my mom & dad. I admit to being spoiled but lovable. A special wet doggie kiss to Susan & Melody for the list, it's helped my mom.

Name: ~Bella~

Breed: Rottweiler

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 6 yrs, 2 months old

Comments: Bella is a wonderful, loving and silly girl. She loves to ham it up for the camera, and is always happy to be the center of attention

Name: ~Teddy~

Breed: Retriever/Collie/Chow

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: approx. 3 years, 3 months old

Comments: Teddy had a health crisis shortly after we got her (age 1) that was diagnosed as central vestibular disorder (dizzy with tremors and eyes spinning). Steroids brought about good recovery (although she remains the most clutzy dog on four legs). We stopped the steroids about 6 months ago.

This past week, after not eating for three days, my vet did blood work and confirmed Addison's the next day. She is home now and seems to be doing great....back to her regular routine of eating, chasing balls, napping, and most of all, snuggling and kissing her Mom and Dad.

Name: ~Bailey~

Breed: English Springer Spaniel

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 5 years, 1 month old

Comments: Bailey has always been full of life and love for anything or anyone which might enter her life. I adopted Bailey from the SPCA and they noted she is pure bred, but I don't have papers. My life took a turn for the worst when she would not eat her treats out of her stocking on Christmas Eve of 1999. We thought she might have just gotten into something that made her sick, but I came home on Christmas and she had gotten sick all over the house...which was not normal. She went to the vet and was hospitalized and finally diagnosed with Addison's. Thanks to our vet who spent alot of time researching, she is back to running 3 miles with me. She's an angel. She's seen here in her Halloween costume. Children love it when they come to the door.

Name: ~Lucy~

Breed: Newfoundland

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 3 yrs old

Comments: Lucy was diagnosed with AD on March 29, 2000 while in critical care due to kidney failure. She is doing well now on Percorten and Pred (although she is constantly famished). She usually has a pile of toys in front of the biscuit jar as trade items for treats (she is sitting in front of the treat jar in this picture). I can't begin to tell you how sweet and hilarious she can be when there's a treat involved!

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