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Name: ~Niki~

Breed: Newfoundland

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 2 1/2 years old

Comments: Niki was diagnosed with Addisons in December 1996, though we suspect she most likely had it for about a year prior to diagnosis. She has been doing very well for the past 3 years on DOCP, with a weekly maintenance dose of pred. Niki is a wonderful dog, who loves to be around people, especially children, and draws "Ooohs and Ahhhs" everywhere we go.

Name: ~Desiree~

Breed: Toy Poodle

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 14 1/2 years old

Comments: Feb. 24th, 2000 will be Des's 5th month anniversary with AD without complications and, her 15th birthday! "Happy Birthday Desi our beloved girl." The time, money etc....dealing with this disease has been a small price to pay for such love and joy she has given us. You go girl~!!

Name: ~Booker~

Breed: Great Dane

Sex: Male

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 11 months old

Comments: Our world stopped when Booker crashed. We're so thankful that he was diagnosed quickly and his treatment (DOCP and prednisone) is going well. We now fondly refer to him as our third car payment! Booker makes friends wherever we go. We have regular stops through the neighborhood shops for him to collect kisses, rubs and treats -- his favorite things! **Visit Booker's Page !!

Name: ~Alta~

Breed: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Sex: Male

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: One year old

Comments:Alta's been on DOCP and pred since his diagnosis, and is now back to his old puppy self!! Here he is, king of all he surveys, guarding the oven... There's FOOD in there!!


Name: ~Penny~

Breed: Toy Poodle

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 3 1/2 years old

Comments:I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself for having to put up with being groomed! I think it's quite an ordeal, and don't like it at all! But Mom makes me go anyway.

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