k9Addisons List Activities 2001

Calendar Project
We are working on a calendar to raise money for the k9AD fund. 100% of the profits will benefit the fund. Click here for more information.

Christmas Card Exchange
The Christmas Card Exchange was a hit last year - everyone who wants to participate gets a listing of 15 members to mail cards, photos, etc., the old fashioned way. You can also send to everyone participating - let us know specifically if that's your choice.
Pre-registration is available - we'll be making an "official" announcement in October to the Addison's list, with the deadline to participate being November 30th.

DOCP / Florinef Charts
We are always collecting dosages of florinef and DOCP from stable dogs. If you haven't tinkered with your dosages in ages and your dog is doing well on that dose, we'd love to add your info to our charts! Email us your info here

Florinef dosage chart
DOCP dosage chart

Vet Referrals
If your vet is the best, add him or her for others new to AD to benefit!
Vet Referral Page
Email your information to add to the webpage

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