Steps to Rehoming your Addisonian Dog


1) Have you notified the breeder?
Responsible breeders will take back a dog of their breeding and rehome it if necessary. Many breeders have a contract that states "for whatever reason, if you can't keep the dog, it must be returned". Even if you don't have a contract it is important to notify the breeder of Addison's in their line.
Notifying the breeder may help to prevent future Addisonian Dogs.

2) Why are you considering giving up your dog?
a) Is it due to behavioral problems since the diagnosis?

Many behavioral problems can be blamed on too much glucocorticod (ie prednisone). Aggression, accidents in the house, etc., are all symptoms of too much pred. Once you reduce the prednisone many of these problems resolve themselves. It does take time. Keep in mind that the dog's body has been through a LOT before diagnosis and it will take a bit of patience to get things back on track.

Insufficient Florinef dosage can cause symptoms such as vomiting and lethargy. Often dogs with too little Florinef are also on too much prednisone. The usual starting dose of Florinef is 0.1 mg per 10 lbs of dog. The way to check if your dog's medication is correct is through bloodwork (electrolytes). Not only should the potassium (K) and sodium (Na) be in the normal ranges, but the ratio (sodium number divided by the potassium number) should be between 27 and 40, with the low to mid 30's being optimal - depending on the individual dog.
(If the ratio is too low, or the potassium is too high, you need to increase the Florinef dosage, and check the electrolytes again in a week)

b) Expense of treating Addison's?
The diagnosis is generally the most expensive part of Addison's. Once stable, you can pretty much rely on a "fixed" monthly cost for medication. Even stable dogs should have electrolytes run at least every 6 months and a full blood panel once a year.
If it's the medication cost - please consider the alternative of compounded Florinef before you rehome your dog. It can be purchased VERY inexpensively through a reputable compounding pharmacist. Email Donna for a quote.

3) Have you contacted a rescue group in your area?
Even though we would love to be able to place all dogs listed here, the reality is that Addison's is still considered a "rare disease". A purebred rescue group is often the best option to rehoming a dog.

Still want to rehome your dog? Click here and I'll do my best to help you.

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