Please Read before Subscribing to the k9Addison's Email List

We are a high volume list. If you are not prepared to receive 75 emails (sometimes) daily, it is recommended that you subscribe using the digest or web only / no mail feature. You will still be able to ask questions and reply to others with either option. Web only subscribers will get occasional subscription queries from the list moderators to make sure you still want to participate.

Out of respect to others, please read and keep in mind the following:

Please try to keep your posts Addison's related. If you need to post something very much off topic, please change the subject header to OT.

This list was created for people with Addisonian dogs. It is not a place to post rescue notices (unless an AD dog is involved), offer items for sale (unless an AD dog is involved and will benefit), or to share cute email forwards, such as "how to give a cat a pill" (unless appropriate). Forwarded posts must have permission from the original author (both to post on our list and to forward to someone else) Repeat violations will result in moderated status for the offender.

The selling or giving away of florinef (or any drug) is forbidden. Anyone wishing to donate medication should contact the list moderators privately using this email address.

As our list grows, so do the amount of posts. Make sure you change the subject header if necessary when responding. Also, if your post has meaning strictly for one individual, please change the address header so that your message goes to that individual, not the entire list.

When replying to an email, edit the original letter so only the relevant part is what you are replying to. Members on digest frequently don't get the whole reply because of this.

Any research done using information gathered through this list is subject to the above guidelines (ie using someone's post to the list needs their approval), and it is understood that publications using any data from the list will be subject to the list admin's approval before publication in any form is granted.

We would love to have you join our group - by subscribing to the group it is understood that you have read the above, and will follow the guidelines as outlined.

Upon hitting the subscribe button below, you will receieve an automatic request for your full name and breed of dog that has Addison's (if any) to the list moderator(s).

It's recommended that you contact us directly with this information, through this email address to avoid delays - you still have to click on the join button below.

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